Beagle Building Life Sciences Centers

In 2002 an innovative concept was developed especially for laboratory/office centers for (bio)technology companies. The name of the concept: Beagle. The first center, Beagle Darwin, was completed in 2006.

The success of Beagle Darwin inspired developers PCS Design & Construction and J.P. van Eesteren (united in v.o.f. The Beagle) to build Beagle Zernike: at least as good as his shining example. Both centers are located at the Bio Science Park Leiden.

The Beagle centers are attractive to successful young companies that are outgrowing their location and are looking for more space and better facilities. The centers offer their high-quality laboratory and office space, which can be designed as desired but equipped with necessary installations required for laboratory use.

Beagle Building was founded in 2019 from PCS Design and Construction and LabHotel. The goal of Beagle Building is to develop the Beagle Concept for technology companies. Beagle Building designs multi-tenant buildings, but also develops for companies that aspire to their “own” building.