Beagle Darwin

IIn 2002, an innovative concept was developed for a series of purpose-built laboratory office centers for biotechnology companies.
The name of the concept: Beagle.

Beagle Darwin is the first center to be built according to this concept. It was completed in 2006.
The center, conveniently located at the Bio Science Park Leiden, Netherlands, proved to be a success.

It houses the offices and laboratories of the companies Pharming, Microsafe and Galápagos.
The success of Beagle Darwin inspired developers PCS Design & Construction and J.P. van Eesteren, united in a established development combination,
The Beagle to start the development of Beagle Zernike: at least as good as its shining example.

> > 3.900 m2 Laboratories
>>  2.600 m2 offices
>> good accessibility, 15 minutes to Amsterdam International Airpo

>> Locatie Bio Science Park Leiden

Ontwerp: WK Architecten, ‘S Gravenhage

Construction: JP van Eesteren (TBI Groep), Gouda